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PDT has a number of unique tour offerings! Our guides could introduce to our visitors the Great Kremlin Palace, the Historic Museum of the FSB (KGB) Border Guards, Zvezdny Gorodok (Russia's centre for the space research and cosmonaut training), Stalin's bunker and many more!
SPECIAL TOUR TO THE GREAT KREMLIN PALACE! Please, enjoy the unique chance to go to the Great Kremlin Palace without a long-term pre-booking! Special rates for the groups of up to 5 people! Please, join!
Even if you have seen a lot in Moscow, we can guarantee you new experiences!
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"Just wanted to report back to you upon our return from Russia. Everything we arranged with your company went very well, and we could not be more pleased. The transfer from the airport went smoothly. We received the train tickets as promised and someone had very helpfully listed the details of the reservation on the outside of the envelope so it was very easy to find our train and compartment without having to decipher the ticket itself. But, best of all, was our Kremlin/Armory tour. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and provided the perfect amount of information and detail. She was particularly good at identifying and talking about the highlights of the Armory Museum (there are many!). Beyond that, it was a pleasure to spend the morning with her."
Mark G.
"I just wanted to say that we all enjoyed the tour immensely and thought that our guide was fabulous. She was so knowledgeable and didn't mind all our questions! She was so helpful and made the history come alive. I told the others I would write you and let you know how good she was on behalf of all of us.Thanks so much - it was very easy to organize and find the office."
Valerie B.
"As I am back home now, I cannot avoid thinking back about the wonderful way Patriarshiy Dom Tours allowed me to conclude my trip to Moscow yesterday. The tour of the Great Cremlin Palace was absolutely wonderful. I would like to thank you and the guide (I think her name is Faina) for such an enjoyable experience. I loved so much your beautiful city and I am looking forward to visiting it again in the future, taking advantage of yours excellent tours."
Stefano N.
"I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to you and all of our tour guides in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Having you there to help us made our trip so pleasurable and we learned so much about each city and the people of Russia."
Susan and Carol
"Thanks again for all the great last-minute work you did to make our visit a memorable one! The tour guides you provided for us were just wonderful, and we got to see a lot of Moscow and St. Petersburg in the short time we were there"
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